As early as the 1990’s, the domain has been cultivating the vines with reasoned control methods:  the total abandonment of systematic treatments, insecticides, and chemical weed killers.

Since the early 2000’s, the idea of pushing even further the environmental approach has become our priority.

A part of the domain was therefore worked according to the rules of organic cultivation as a trial experience.  In 2010, we officially registered all our plots for organic conversion with the Ecocert organization.  The 2013 vintage marked the beginning of the domain’s certification in Organic Argiculture (AB- Agriculture Biologique).

Unfortunately, in April 2016, the vineyards suffered an unprecedented episode of a destructive Spring frost (down to -7°C), bringing about an immediate loss of 70% of our harvest.  Beyond this frost episode, the strong threat of mildew put in danger the remaining 30%.  To stop this disease in its tracks, and to save our domain, we were obliged to apply one single conventional treatment, which resulted in the immediate dismissal of our organic certification.

Despite this difficult ordeal, we remained convinced by our choices, and we immediately set out to reconquer the precious “AB” label.  But three new years of reconversion were required.  We engaged them with patience and determination.

Since the 2019 harvest, our domain is once again certified in Organic Agriculture (AB) by Ecocert. 

Thanks to our organic cultivation practices, we accompany the vines throughout the seasons, allowing them to give the best of themselves and its terroir.  Each gesture is well thought out and adapted to each plot.  The quality of the wine begins with the vines, and beautiful grapes will ensure a very lovely wine.

It is through this meticulous approach and this harmony with nature, that our terroirs will be preserved for the coming generations.